Mara Izquierdo

Today I would like to also thank to Health Education and Research Institute without you also would not have been possible that today was held this beautiful Victoria. Many thanks to each of their teachers for being so dedicated and giving the best of each one of you to the time of train. Is q as i there are many other people q are and shall be grateful for this beautiful work q do and for as good preparation. Without a doubt I never wrong to choose them when I recommended and having entrusted also in you. Also thanks to my Lourdes lovely and Esy q made me so many cafes you guys were also part of this process. I recommend to all q want to spend enclex q do not lose the opportunity to prepare adequately for this review q is difficult and those q already took the decision to go I assure you they are in the best hands if you follow each of their advice and taken well into account every one of the things that this staff so well prepared and dedicated teaches them if you can achieve. Thanks HERI for having been such an important part in this achievement. I would like and therefore q God always the great care and thanks for so much dedication.