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Consider your classroom and clinical experiences and determine how you learn best. If you are a visual learner, focus your resources on acquiring review materials that include flashcards and videos. If you do best reading and studying, buy one or two comprehensive review books and study guides. If you learn more in a group environment, seek out other nursing students for weekly study sessions.

Develop concrete goals for your study and review sessions; they should be measurable, written down, have specific time limits and be realistic. Write each study goal on an index card and put the cards in order to develop a timeline for your plan. An example of a good short-term study goal is: At the end of a three-hour session, I will be able to correctly answer the study questions related to patients with diabetes. A good long-term goal would be achieving a score of 90% or better on the pediatric practice test after spending one week focused on pediatric nursing.

Include a section in your plan devoted to dosage calculation and train yourself to write out all calculations to avoid careless errors.




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